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NCDS, Bevertec and Highgate Systems Host Inward Mission/ Site Visit


National Commercial Data Services Ltd (NCDS) in collaboration with Bevertec CST Inc. and Highgate Systems, both of Toronto, Canada, hosted some twenty new and potential customers at NCDS’ facility in The Valley on November 11, 2015.


Bevertec CST and its subsidiary Highgate Systems are developers of software for the Financial Sector. The operate in over thirty-six countries worldwide and have a large customer base in the Caribbean.

The visitors were all on their way to attend the annual conference of the Caribbean Association of Banks which this year takes place in St. Kitts. They came to Anguilla from Nevis, St. Kitts and Barbados.

While at NCDS the visitors were treated to a tour of the facility. Additionally they were familiarized with some of the many services offered by NCDS, particularly those of Secure Application Hosting and Disaster Recovery Co-location. Visitors were also treated to demonstrations of software products such as Highgate Banking and Highgate Lending.

The site visit came at an opportune time as in recent months NCDS’ business to business (B2B) co-operation with the Bevertec Group, which includes Highgate Systems, has resulted in the realization of several opportunities in the area of Secure Application Hosting for NCDS. This increased business comes at a time when NCDS is seeking to secure its already profitable operations by expanding and diversifying its Customer base and increasing revenues.

The fact that Bevertec and Highgate Systems are collaborating with NCDS in hosting this site visit and even partnering with us in providing Secure Application Hosting services to their customers is a measure of their confidence in our ability to deliver first class Information Technology services. We see this as an indication of the potential for future growth in the ICT Sector of the Anguillan economy.


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